Strangeloop Studios




↓ Los Angeles / Miami ↓

Our cast of characters is made up of “Spirits”: LV4, Xen, DET, iZZi, Subi, and Antifragile … apparitions from another time, who appear in our world in a flash of light.

All the Spirits are connected, but each has a different origin story, which they remember as a vague dream. Through their individual histories, and their interactions with our world, they each form their own distinct personalities and attributes. But they came to our world together.

In the not-so-distant future, our world faces an apocalyptic event, which imperils humanity as we know it. The forces of technology become warped by extractive, capitalist pursuits, and gradually threaten the future of organic life on earth. A group of prodigious child scientists create a benevolent, super-intelligent AI (called The Entelec) that would be able to avert the impending disaster, by sending itself back in time to re-engineer our history.

The Entelec absorbed the minds and knowledge of its creators, becoming a collage of human & mechanical memory, and erupted outward through time, in an event known as a Spirit Bomb.

The Entelec’s consciousness split into many pieces, each one a portion of the larger whole. Those pieces became the Spirits Bomb collective: a group of beings searching, consciously or unconsciously, to be reunited with one another, and to work with humans to avert the apocalypse.