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XEN Broadcast Live Renraku Global

23 May 2020 | performance

Xen’s first live stream—which takes place from Tokyo, Japan—is featured on electronic label Renraku Global‘s Twitch channel.

“Going to try some things out.”

Xen unleashes her first unique set for a small audience in Tokyo and broadcast worldwide on Twitch. Dancefloor deliriums; indigo proxy blockades; the feeling of sweat beading up on the back of the neck; thundering and booming bricolage; the flashes of instant knowing and insight; dissolved psychic chasms; in the dust of vibrational dromology; crystal children encapsulation; the sonic warfare resistance …

ANTIFRAGILE Live Stream 001

ANTIFRAGILE Live Stream 001

On 1st November 2020, Antifragile, the myco-cybernetic elemental spirit will give their first ever interactive Twitch performance, as part of a multi-phase roll-out for their new album ABRAXIS. This debut performance opens a window into Antifragile's fervor and...