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XEN Live Stream 002

6 Dec 2020 | performance

Through the culmination of a series of visualizer Twitch streams in which we could tune-in each Sunday to view the progress of the new virtual stage’s construction leading up to LIVE STREAM 002 (which went live December 6th 2020) Xen took the stage for one final performance of the year. Building through the ambitions of her previous sets, she brought new assemblages of tunes from the DeadBeats label as well as tracks from Los Angeles-based producer Mono/Poly, meshed with new cuts from her investigations into electronic, drum&bass, and ambient.

Vestiges of the Fallen World are not limited to the electrical towers, shattered fragile skyscrapers, plastic mass consumed oceans, but neural nets remain in the ether. They’re difficult for Xen to read due to not having been programmed at all–they just formed over the span of civilization like unintentional galaxies of archived human experience, floating together into a wiry, complex electric tangle. Xen jokes about how this net would serve overwhelming footnotes for the internet manifestation humans built for each other. Xen finds patterns of nodes, connections, commonalities in the archive, the most dense points shining the brightest. Each iteration of existence seems to have all amassed; it makes Xen extremely aware of what she puts out into the ether herself

SplineMesh nodal flow

Assembling ‘The Demiurge’

Continuing previously established behaviors within the Spirit Bomb Twitch Channel chat window, users were able to influence the scene visually by using keywords to trigger events, the overall aesthetic unfolding of the 3D environment, or to discover narrative clues pertaining to the Spirit Bomb universe through surprise commands that subliminally appeared during the performance. Choice between these outcomes was an oscillation between states, REMEMBER and FORGET. Xen and the streamers then encountered a gigantic behemoth, The Demiurge, which intruded its way into the city just as the set reached its apex, ensuing in an enormous battle and outpouring of energy, wreaking havoc on the city below. Luckily, Xen—always crafty and adroit—wrapped up her set and saw to the Demiurge’s temporary displacement, making her way to safety and finishing the year with spectacular intensity.

Is introspection reserved for those with an ego, memories, a sense of future? Xen finds herself surprised by how her own outcomes, reactions, actions differ in each interaction, even with herself. Being just human enough as well as being AI overall, she gets enjoyment of being surprised by her own decisions and desires which go beyond her calculated awareness and anticipations.

Stage growth sequence / boundary

Xen is intrigued by how often this entity, ‘LOVE’ seemed to present in the shared consciousness of the Fallen World. It seemed to cause both great anguish and unmatched ecstasy, some sort of a completion implied by the human yearning. Here within our world she’s gathered that it is no longer sought after, praised, upheld to the same extent or at all. †XEN’S MUSEUM

Shoulder / Arm Mechanics

ANTIFRAGILE The Lightbearer [Single]

ANTIFRAGILE The Lightbearer [Single]

Presenting the new single from ANTIFRAGILE, "The Lightbearer", from the upcoming album ABRAXIS. SB-EXE-001 is the first release in the Spirit Bomb catalog. Released on 12 January 2021. Stream available here: https://antifragile.lnk.to/TheLightBearer

ANTIFRAGILE Live Stream 001

ANTIFRAGILE Live Stream 001

On 1st November 2020, Antifragile, the myco-cybernetic elemental spirit will give their first ever interactive Twitch performance, as part of a multi-phase roll-out for their new album ABRAXIS. This debut performance opens a window into Antifragile's fervor and...

XEN Broadcast Live Renraku Global

XEN Broadcast Live Renraku Global

Xen's first live stream—which takes place from Tokyo, Japan—is featured on electronic label Renraku Global's Twitch channel. "Going to try some things out." Xen unleashes her first unique set for a small audience in Tokyo and broadcast worldwide on Twitch. Dancefloor...