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ANTIFRAGILE Live Stream 001

29 Oct 2020 | performance

On 1st November 2020, Antifragile, the myco-cybernetic elemental spirit will give their first ever interactive Twitch performance, as part of a multi-phase roll-out for their new album ABRAXIS. This debut performance opens a window into Antifragile’s fervor and inquisitiveness, and introduces their brooding sonic landscapes interspersed with driving rhythmic breakdowns.

Users in the Spirit Bomb Twitch Channel chat had the opportunity to exert influence over several parameterized outcomes and looks within the scene by using special keywords to trigger events, such as camera fluctuations and positions, to the overall aesthetic unfolding of the 3D environment. Choice between these outcomes was characterized as a state between two polar opposite qualia, such as LOVE and FEAR, or REMEMBER and FORGET. This dynamical variable element of the stream allowed for some unanticipated and unique flows to be achieved thanks to the input and participation of the live stream audience.

camera events

event tick: determine frame updates

spawn environment based on AF speed

parsing twitch chat

love & death event handler

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