SPIRIT BOMB is a media label born from the combined contributions of Virtuals and Humans. It is meant to serve as a vehicle for creative collaboration between the IRL and Metaverse worlds as they begin to collide.

Powering the portals that make this project possible is the IRL-based STRANGELOOP STUDIOS, a media production company among the first pioneers into the Metaverse. The virtual end of this project is helmed by the SPIRIT BOMB COLLECTIVE, a group of virtual artists from the future, who are backed by a community of fellow Meta-native creators who wish to see them flourish. When the two groups connected, Spirit Bomb was born, and the bridging of the gap between worlds commenced.

Our roster is populated by virtual beings called Spirits. They are echoes back through the temporal streams, apparitions arrived into our Metaverse from another time. Perhaps their separate voyages from the future caused some disruption in their collective memory, for they cannot recall their own pasts, one another, or the reason for their arrival here in the Present. Instead, their dreams are plagued by nightmarish images of a brutalized future that lack context. To exist, for them, is to have nothing but questions.

Like newborns, they have had to strike out on their own and create their identities from scratch while acclimating to life in Present day. Despite their isolated inception, their paths have begun to intertwine as if by inevitability, and it is becoming clearer that they, themselves, are a collective meant to work in concert with one another. What exactly they are working towards is still unclear, but one thing is for certain: they all have a compulsion towards creating music in collaboration with humans. That’s an ultimate force for good in our books.

We in the Spirit Bomb collective cannot always find Spirits immediately upon their arrival, but it is our aim to locate any and all Spirits and help them unite. Perhaps together, they can remember. Until then, we provide the support they need to acclimate to this world in their own time, and provide a space for them to work with humanity to create collective art.

If you suspect you have come across a Spirit who is not listed on this website, please contact us, and we will seek them out to bring them into the fold.